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We are a team of bicycle users, made up of fathers and mothers.

We enjoy using our bicycles for errands, work and pleasure.

We love to explore the world with our bicycles.

We want to share this experience with our children and YES! We ride with them.

We want to live life and interact with the environment in a responsible way.

We are committed to encouraging GREEN and healthy lifestyles.


The team at Green Basikal is dedicated to serving bicycle users in commuting and touring needs. We are cycling enthusiasts ourselves and bicycle users at large. Over the years, we have found much joy with extensive use of our pedal-powered two wheelers.

What began as an interest to explore and commute our backyards (on and off roads) in the cheapest and easiest way possible, gradually evolved into a quest to explore the world with our bicycles.  Bicycle touring is also the greenest way to travel.

When our kids arrived, bicycling took on a new meaning. With our new found loves (the kids) and our everlasting passion (for the outdoors), bicycling with our kids became a most natural and excellent way to bond with them. It allows us to show them our relationship with the environment as bicycling brings us closer to people and nature. Through the experience we hope our kids can be nurtured as responsible persons with sensibilities for their living environments and the people around them. 

We use our bicycles extensively: to the post office, to the kids’ child care centers, to the swimming pool, for groceries, to work, make deliveries or simply, to enjoy quality family time. To ensure that we are comfortable with the products, we use our products and test them rigourously in our daily rides. We ensured that they are reliable and meet quality and safety standards. After all, we are also parents who want only the best for our kids.

We view it as our responsibility to live green, healthily and responsibly in the environment. Bicycling¹ is definitely the way forward …


1.Bicycling = the use of bicycles to run errands, commute, transportation or recreation.