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Roxim X4 USB Rechargeable Battery Operated Lights

X4 B07 A
X4 B07 A
X4 Battery
X4 B
X4 Side
X4 B03 A
X4 09
X4 01
X4 06 A
Your price: SGD$181.00


• Crossover optical design that optimized optical reflector design for both On-Road and Off-Road application.
• Ultra-Wide side & forward vision
• Panorama 200 degree side visibility
• Max. 400lumens / 50 Lux output
• Glare-free reflector comply with German regulations
• DRL (Daytime Running Light) - white color : increase safety in daytime
• Long runtime up to 5 hours at 400Lumens (50 Lux) mode
• Roxim battery management system with constant light output
• Runtime up to 12 hours at 15 Lux mode
• Human Touch Lighting for auto-scene
• Rainproof
• Includes 7.4V 2600mAh Li-ion rechargeable and USD charger integrated battery pack
• (equal to 3.6V 5200mAh)
• Powerful, supercompact and lightweight
• German StVZO certified
• Accessories: MB-XS; fit on Ø 22mm~35mm handlebars

Model: X4AP

Made In Taiwan