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Shimano Nexus 3 SG-3R40 w/SL-3S35 Bell Crank & Fitting Kit

Your price: SGD$103.90

Shimano Nexus 3 SG-3R40 w/SL-3S35, Bell Crank & Fitting Kit

The classic Internal Hub Gear from Shimano. This great hub offers a reliable 3-speed mechanism, a silent clutch, and roller brake.

In addition to this it also has Internal Gear Shifting meaning the gear shifting action is independent of pedaling which allows you can shift gears anytime, while standing still, pedaling or coasting & Shift Modulator Mechanism which smoothes out the shifting action while pedaling.

Complete set comes with Shifter SL-3S35 with Bell Crank 6 (Silver) and fitting kit.



- O.L.D. = 120mm

- Axle Length = 170mm

- Spoke Hole = 36

- Rod = 81.85mm

- Sprocket = 16T to 20T available (Please contact us for more details)

- Weight = 885g

- Does not come with Roller Brake (order seperately). Can be used with bicycle with rim brake or with roller brake.