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SHIMANO Hub Dynamo 3.0W -DH-3D32-QR (Black)

Your price: SGD$90.00

SHIMANO - Hub Dynamo - Disc Brake - 3.0W - 6-Bolt Rotor - Quick Release - 16-28 inch wheel size

The DH-3D32-QR Dynamo hub uses a quick release type axle, 100mm O.L.D. spacing, and is 32-hole.

With a 6-bolt disc rotor mounting, the DH-3D32-QR produces a 3-watt output at 6 volts and is appropriate for wheel sizes from 16 to 28 inches.

    - 6V-3.0W
    - 6-Bolt Rotor Specification available
    - Internal aluminum coil structure
    - Overall lighter structure
    - Color options: Black



MODEL NO                                            DH-3D32-QR
SERIES                                                 SHIMANO
Color                                                    Black
Average weight                                     685
Regulation_StVZO                                  ✔
Type                                                    Disc brake
Voltage (V)                                            6
Output (W)                                           3
Wheel size_16-28 inch                             ✔
Wheel size_Compatible wheel size (mm)     (400 - 716)
QR type                                                 ✔
O.L.D. (mm)                                           100
Flange distance (mm)                               51.1
Offset (mm)                                            4
P.C.D. Left/Right (mm)                             74
Axle length (mm)                                     108
Spoke size                                              #14
Spoke hole_32H                                      ✔
Seal                                                        Single contact
Electric power output connector_E2 type    ✔
QR lever_QR skewer length (mm)_133        ✔
Axle fixing method                                   Quick release